TikTok Launching Profile Kit to Add up to Six Videos on Linktree & Other Sites

December 6, 2022

A big part of TikTok’s growth has originated from short catchy videos, some of these videos having hundreds of millions of views. But these videos are also watched thousands or millions of times on other sites and platforms too. TikTok is currently working on expanding its advertising business and plans t bring in more users to its platform as a part of that.

TikTok is building up on that third-party experience with the launch of its new feature named Profile Kit, which is giving creators the ability to display up to six videos on another site. This feature is optimized for creator home pages, which today often come in the form of link-in-bio landing pages, where creators aggregate links to all their social media feed. Surely, Profile Kit is going to launch with the Linktree platform.

Profile Kit will be situated within TikTok’s developer portal, where TikTok also gives tools to build TikTok-based logins, and automatic video imports, build TikTok-based apps, and integrate experiences through APIs. The addition to Profile Kit speaks to the bigger picture. This is because TikTok is currently leveraging its growth to expand its ecosystem, and visibility across the web, ranging above its current fence.

Profile Kit hasn’t been announced at a developer event, but as part of TikTok World, companies brand and entertainment confab. TikTok is still a bit behind big platforms like Instagram in MAUs, but TikTok’s growth rate will change that, considering that the app is consistently ranking at the top for worldwide downloads. In terms of revenue, the app is the highest-grossing app as of Q3, and these new features will boost that further.

All this has made TikTok the app whose video experience all other platforms are trying to copy.