TikTok is introducing a New Follow Me Experience to Help Small Businesses

July 21, 2022

Recently,TikTok has introduced ‘Follow Me’ experience which is designed for helping small & medium businesses (SMBs) build a community and grow their business on TikTok. SMBs can leverage the powerful TikTok platform to achieve real world results. This 6-week program is running from the 11th of July to the 9th of August, and it will provide SMBs with informational resources on how to begin with TikTok and take your small business to the next level.

Follow Me will serve as a guide to build communities, share their stories, and achieve their goals on TikTok. You can register for Follow Me experience at TikTok for Business website.

TikTok has created Follow Me experience to empower small businesses to dive into TikTok, so that they can share their story with the TikTok community and reach their goals.

Additionally, the experience will offer different variations of learning objectives based on visitors’ goals and SMBs will receive emails every week, for 6 weeks that will further explain best practices for running their TikTok campaign and integrate their brand identity in their creative.

This will include a guide to understand TikTok Business Account, access to the Creative Center for content inspiration, and lastly, insights into TikTok Ads features and how to leverage them.

Authentic storytelling leads to real results. Small businesses are important part of theTikTok community. People share their unique stories to promote their small businesses selling various products and services and take us behind the scenes as they grow their business.

TikTok has seen many success stories that started in the garage and ended in the warehouse leading to people discovering local and international businesses.