TikTok Introducing New Accessibility and Translation Tools

August 11, 2022

TikTok is becoming a platform that transcends cultural boundaries to make global connections seem effortless. Everyday users around the world express, learn, and entertain themselves on TikTok without limitations. TikTok is continuously investing in creating an engaging environment so that the growing community can explore new ways to express themselves and find connections with others.

TikTok has introduced captions in 2021 so that users can transcribe their own videos to generate subtitles that make content more accessible to everyone.

TikTok has recently introduced new caption translation tools from which the platform hopes to lower the language barrier in further helping bring entertaining global content to more users. The new update will support these languages: English, Portuguese,German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and Turkish and it will include

Auto-generated captions: viewers will now be able to have to option to turn on closed captions on the videos they watch.

Translation for captions and video descriptions: This feature will enable viewers to translate captions and descriptions on videos they watch

Translation for text stickers: Viewers will also be able to translate text stickers in videos

These helpful translation tools will help to overcome language barriers and bring TikTok users together. With these tools, global content will become more accessible regardless of the language you speak and where you are in the world. TikTok is still in the early stages of showcasing these tools, which are available on some videos at this time.

TikTok continues to be invested in product updates that delete the global boundaries and connects people globally.