TikTok Introducing Brand and Creator Collaborations

June 2, 2022

TikTok is a place of inspiration for people, where they can discover new ideas, explore various communities, products and places. Creators on the other hand are keeping up with the latest trends and represent a new generation of storytellers that are breaking boundaries of entertainment and culture.

Storytelling is an important aspect of TikTok because it brings communities together on the platform, and this is where the opportunity has presented itself for brands and creators to collaborate to create engaging content. The current state of TikTok has developed a new environment for brands to engage with creators and connect with broad scope of communities on the platform.

To create an easier approach for brands to tap into the creative force of TikTok communities and branded content that will resonate with users, TikTok is launching Branded Mission. Branded Mission is an ad solution that will enable advertisers to crowdsource authentic content from creators on TikTok and turn engaging content into ads.

The is a whole new way of engagement between brands and creators that will enable theTikTok community to gain a creative hand in the ads that are being part of a brand campaign. Additionally, it will help brands to find new creators broadly on TikTok.

This tool will enable brands to widen their creative options, and work with organic-styled content which performs the best on the platform. Branded Mission will provide a direct link between creating content with your own style and monetizing it at the same time.  

TikTok mentioned that Branded Mission is now in beta testing and will be available in the coming months.