The first giants are here, who is next?

January 21, 2022

TikTok has been a platform that for a long-time, big companies thought of as not interesting enough. But recently it has been receiving more acknowledgment from the bigger companies. Before it was an option, now TikTok is part of the conversation. Even Samsung recently launched a campaign on TikTok in a partnership with young TikTok creators. Does this mean that the giants are starting to believe in TikTok?


TikTok has been on the rise for a while now, but because the advertisement side of TikTok is still in development, for most of the giants TikTok was still something unused. They have an account, and they post some content, but take for example Apple. The first post they did was on the 10th of August in 2021 and since have posted 15 videos. If we compare this to Apple’s Instagram page since the 10th of august, Apple has posted about 100 posts (I counted). If we look at Amazon, they have posted 33 videos on TikTok since the20th of august in 2020. When we compare that to their Instagram page, 194 posts since the same day (again, I counted). Tesla for example doesn’t have a TikTok account yet. So, as you can see, the giants still have a lot of work to do when it comes to TikTok.


However, Amazon Prime has been doing TikTok influencer deals (one of our own creators recently did a partnership with them: And then to what created the subject for this blog: Samsung did a big campaign on TikTok with young Dutch TikTok creators. The campaign took place in the Netherlands, and the head of marketing at Samsung NL (Gerben van Walt Meijer) told the following:‘We are working on a long-term strategy in which we work together with the next generation (GenZ) to make content, instead of just making content for them. The partnership resulted in a lot of new creativity within the team. Besides the usual channels, the creators that were involved created a domino effect.’


This is the beauty about working with content creators on the platform, the engagement is high and when they start a trend there is a high probability that their followers will follow. Creating that domino effect, as Gerben van Walt Meijer put it. This is one of the reasons we at Molecule are working with creators. They add a tremendous amount of value to a campaign and can bring it to a completely new level. Not only with their own spins on the content that the company requests, but also by starting an open dialogue with them on what they think might work for this specific campaign. They are in constant communication with their followers and what is happening on the platform. Therefore, their opinion and experience add enormous value!