Summary of New TikTok Features 2022

June 30, 2022


Introducing the new Friends Tab, TikTok’s latest feature created for bringing the content you love from people you know, made possible, by creating an environment for more existing interactions with people you care about. This ‘Tab’ will show you content from people who you already have connections with and will give you the possibility to explore content from the community in addition to the existing 'tabs’ Following and For You feeds. Friends tab will be located next to the home button, where the discover tab used to be.

Creator Playlist

Any creator with 10K followers or more can have access to TikTok playlist feature. This new tool will enable creators to categorize videos into playlists. Creator playlists give you an opportunity to give a simpler experience for the followers to watch relevant clips.

TikTok Pulse

TikTok Pulse will present the first ever TikTok advertising revenue share program with creators. Creators and publishers with 100K or more followers will be able to take part in this program. Currently, this is not an active program.



Branded mission empowers creators to contribute to a branded campaign, while enabling you to boost top performing content that resonates with the brand and the audience. Eligible creators whose content is chosen by the brand as ads will benefit. These benefits will be represented as a cash payment and boosted traffic. Creators will be able to see their estimated earnings before entering a collaboration on Branded Mission page.


Text-To-SpeechSinging Voice

There is anew version of Text-to-Speech that will enable creators to use a singing voice, turning any text you wrote into a song. Creators will be able to choose from alto or tenor melodies in the Text-to-Speech tool when using this new feature.