Selling on TikTok: the upside and how it works.

December 16, 2021

Back in the day, we went to the store, there were no advertisements and there was no internet where you could buy or view products. Then, the internet came and the entire game (selling products/services) changed. We went from going out for shopping to sitting on the couch buying new clothes. Then in 2017, shopping made it to social media. The apps that took away our free time now also took away our money. Now, TikTok has launched their deal with Shopify, one of the biggest e-commerce service providers. Why is this relevant and how can we use it to our advantage?

The reason this is relevant is rather simple. 55.5% of the age 18-24 in the US has bought something through social media. 47.5% of 14-17 year olds (which is the biggest age group on TikTok) bought something on social media. So, selling through social media is a huge opportunity to turn your business account on TikTok into a sales machine! In China, 11.7% of the total retail sales were done via social media in 20220. 60% of people that use Instagram say they discover new products on Instagram. These are some statistics that show the value social media is providing in selling products. All these numbers are not only on TikTok. TikTok is still in the testing phase, but announced their partnership with Shopify this August. The beauty is that you can be one of the very first companies or people on the platform to start using it when it goes public because you now know the possibilities it can start to provide.

How can we use this to our advantage? We learned in the previous blog post, ‘Being you is the key to growing on TikTok’, that it is all about being you and your own self on TikTok as a brand. The beauty is that we see a lot of data confirming that people find new products on social media. For example, 72% of the people that use social media, use the platforms to research brands. So, what is the advantage here precisely? You can create that connection with your customer by being authentic, being the“fun uncle” on TikTok and then they have the immediate opportunity to buy something in your TikTok Shopify shop.

If you need more advise or help with this process, you can always contact Molecule Social with your questions and we will help you grow into an TikTok star.