New Creative Possibilities on TikTok

May 20, 2022

There is an abundance of possibilities for content creators on TikTok. Whether it is Duet, Stitch, Green screen or other effects, and these tools help and inspire creators to share their vision to their followers.

TikTok is introducing new addition to their creativity toolkit as they begin to roll outLibrary, a new creation tool with content from GIPHY that gives an advantage and opportunity to access a wide range of content, that give an opening for even more creative possibilities for creators.

TikTok library is also unlocking a new category of entertainment content, which makes it easy for individuals to start or be a part of a trend, using clips from their favourite  shows, GIFs and more by implementing them into their TikTok videos.

To begin with, Library will be filled with exciting and engaging content from GIPHY, this includes their collection of GIPHY Clips. GIPHY Clips (GIFs with Sound)create popular quotes, reactions clips, culture defining moments, which will enable millions of users to implement their unique storytelling on TikTok.

How to use the Library:

1.     As presented on the picture from the left. Click on the library icon on the vertical options sidebar.

2.     Once you are in, you can scroll through content or use the search bar for specific content

3.     Once you have selected your content, you can clip the desired length and return to the shoot page to continue editing your clip 

TikTok will keep expanding the library in the future to include additional content sources, audio and sounds, text templated, creator content and more. Their aim is to spark creativity for the large TikTok community.