Many Small Businesses are Coming to TikTok

June 23, 2022

TikTok wants to emphasize that small businesses are an essential part of the TikTok community. Many everyday people share their unique stories to promote their brand, product or service as they are growing their business.


People are posting various types of content, inside their kitchens, workshops, stores, and this results in people across TikTok are discovering new businesses down the street and around the world


Small businesses are quickly becoming a beloved part of the TikTok experience and that is whyTikTok is partnering with Hello Alice, which is a leading organization with affinity to give support to small businesses. Hello Alice has invited 750.000Small Businesses in their network to participate in a study that will examine their current use and perception of digital marketing platforms. ‘SmallBusiness Digital Marketing Trends’ provides a lot of information on how small businesses are using TikTok to find new audiences and build a community to further generate real world results.


The report revealed that the new era for small businesses is coming. Small business owners must understand that digital platforms are no longer ‘a nice thing to have but are crucial for customer reach and further scaling of the business.


Lastly, there are many businesses using TikTok already, to reach their customers and boost their growth. 67% of surveyed small businesses have indicated that they are very optimistic about their growth potential on TikTok.