Longer form content on TikTok

January 14, 2022

When TikTok came to the market, it was known as the short videos for young kids. That opinion shifted over time to just short videos (also known as short form content) and now TikTok has added the option to add longer videos. They announced the longer-form content on July first. Since this isn’t new, I want to discuss what we have been seeing since the introduction of long form content and what we need to look out for when creating it.


Videos longer than one minute receive over 5billion views globally, and the community’s creativity has been amazing. It has shared longer-form content of all kinds, from podcasts to vlogs, to cooking tutorials, fashion commentary and more. Creators even have made ongoing series of their longer content, taking a deeper dive into the subject or even their lives. Constantly producing quality content that keeps us entertained. In the end of this blog, we have selected some great long form content on the platform for you to enjoy.


Long form content is something that is a challenge across any type of media we know so far. It needs to grab your attention throughout the whole video, or we start doing other things whilst watching which will mean that people will not get your message and on TikTok this even means that they will scroll further on their For You page and your watch time will go down.


Watch time is something very important on TikTok, just like the other platforms, keeping your audience on the platform is very valuable. TikTok wants to be able to show you as many advertisements to be able to make money. So, keeping your audience on the platform is very valuable. So, when thinking of long form content, make sure that you pick a topic that you know is interesting to watch or listen to for a longer time than normal on the platform. Make sure that your 2-minute video is just as thought out as your 20second video, maybe even more thought out, since it will take more to keep your audience watching than with only 20 seconds.


Some tips for picking out topics for your longer form content:

-      Take a subject that makes sense to talk longer about. Less is still more, so when you only need those 20 seconds, just use that 20 seconds. Do not make it longer than the subject requires.

-      Look at what already exists on the platform. Is there a topic that people are interested in (do a search on the topic and check out the engagement on the posts). Be original, but sometimes a topic or style isn’t there for a reason.

-      Take a topic that makes sense with your brand and previous content. If you post content about watches and suddenly make a 2-minute post about your passion for spearfishing, big chance, your followers are not interested in that subject.


Good luck with picking out your long form content topic! If you require some extra inspiration, check the highlighted content below.


Selected long form content: