Join the new #BookTokChallenge on TikTok

July 7, 2022

TikTok started a new challenge, with a goal to celebrate the culture and entertainment that brings people together, sparks imagination and introduces users and creators to new worlds. TikTok has announce a partnership with Barnes &Noble and TikTok creator community to return summer reading like it has never been executed before, by launching #BookTokChallenge. This initiative began on29th of June, and it will last until 31st of August.TikTok is encouraging people to discover and read new books and authors and then share their opinions, reactions and thought with the TikTok community using the #BookTokChallenge.


#BookTokChallenge initiative has an aim to build on the community spirit of creativity and collaboration to make use of the power of books to help people expand their knowledge through reading. This makes sense for the group of people TikTok targets, which are teens. Summer is here and parents want to engage their children in offline activities, and diving into a new book is something anyone can do. Once finished with reading the book, they can share their experience, thoughts, and what they read in the book on TikTok.


TikTok has partnered with their beloved TikTok creators to bring this initiative to life.To encourage others to participate. Additionally, the book challenge also kicked off a new partnership with Barnes & Noble to drive B&N customers to a dedicated #BookTok hub, with main goal to drive book discoverability.


With nearly 11M videos and reaching over 60B views #BookTokChallenge is the main hashtag for books, reading, writing and everything that books bring to the table, making this initiative a widespread cultural impact to bring people offline and enjoy book, reading and writing. TikTok hopes to empower parents to get their teens gets excited about letting go of their phones and grab a book.