Improving the LIVE Community Experience with Features on TikTok

December 6, 2022

TikTok platform is an environment for a diverse global community with a wide array of people, cultures, creators, and trends – all driving entertaining content and building connections. TikTok is introducing an update of their LIVE feature in-app. TikTok Live is bringing communities together through entertaining content that inspires communities to forge new meaningful connections. It enables creators to engage with people and present their authentic views to the global community.

Whether you are just getting started, or you are looking for alternatives, motivation, or something else, TikTok wants to ensure creators feel excited to go live with a few best practices and tips.

LIVE with Multi-Guest

TikTok has recently updated its LIVE tool with a new feature called Multi-Guest feature. Through the multi-guest feature, users can be live with up to five guests using a grid or panel layout, that will engage creators to the maximum in terms of responding to questions, etc. The live multi-guest feature offers creators a variety of settings. Including, flipping the camera, adding effects, and stickers, filtering comments, and adding moderators.

TikTok initially launched the LIVE feature back in July, with one guest slot available in a split-screen manner. For now, the LIVE feature will have much more capacity to host live discussions in the app, opening the doors to a whole new medium of expressing your authentic views with your community.

This feature favours brands as well, because of the ability to showcase the latest products, facilitate creator collaborations, run fan Q and A and show different aspects of your business.

TikTok Live is available to all users with over 1K followers, while Live Guests is available to those with over 5K. TikTok is currently not reviewing those requirements, with their official Live Overview now making no mention of these follower thresholds.

It is a nice feature to enhance your community engagement in the app, and connect with more people and brands, and with current live shopping elements, there are various ways that brands could use this feature.