Augmented reality on TikTok.

December 31, 2021

Augmented reality, maybe it doesn’t ring abell, but chances are you have used it before. Augmented reality or AR is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objectsthat reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptualinformation.This isthe literal definition or AR, let’s look at some examples: the extremelypopular Pokémon Go app, the filters on snapchat and so on. But what has this todo with TikTok, TikTok is developing its own platform where third parties candevelop AR filters for the app. The reason this is so interesting, this willalso offer new advertising opportunities.


We cannot say for sure since TikTok isn’tsaying much and it is still in the early stages of beta testing but looking atwhat Snapchat and Instagram did, TikTok will most likely follow. Right now, itis only available for selected developers in selected areas like the US.However, this is still very important for us to keep an eye on. The reason forthis is, it opens TikTok up to new ways of advertising that already exists onother platforms. Something very important considering that TikTok is very newfor a lot of marketeers and with TikTok leveling themselves with the otheradvertising options, they become a lot more interesting. Especially because thedemographic on TikTok is very young and that generation has been using ARfilters and apps for the most part of their life.


What do we need to think of when we sayadvertising options? For example, when you open your Snapchat right now and tryto add a filter. The first thing that will pop up is an AR ad from TommyHilfiger where you can try on a coat. On Instagram the latest thing was an AR adfrom the spider man movie where you could put on the spiderman suit. This wayof advertising is completely new and the cool thing about it is that peoplefeel part of what is happening. With the Tommy Hilfiger ad you can get a prettygood idea if the coat is something for you. This way of advertising is notsomething that is used a lot since it is expensive and still in the earlystages.


AR is becoming a bigger part of our lives andthe uses are endless. Since this way of advertising is new, the road is stillopen to everything we can imagine. This part of TikTok is still in early betatesting, we are however looking forward to what Molecule can do for yourcompany with AR advertising and content creation.