5 facts you should know about TikTok

February 3, 2022
10 Tip-Top Facts About TikTok - The Fact Site

TikTok’s exponential growth in popularity is not a secret. More and more brand and businesses are starting to use TikTok for their marketing, and the majority of people are not aware of the footprint TikTok is leaving in the social media spectrum. In a very short time, TikTok has spread like wildfire and attracted millions of users globally.


1.    TikTok’s Roots are From China

While we do know every big social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. are based in U.S.

In 2016 TikTok started as a Chinese project called Douyin, and the app is still holding that name in China. TikTok is a marvel created by a big Chinese tech giant called ByteDance.

2.    Over1 Billion Active Users Worldwide

According to the latest studies, more than 1 billion people are actively using TikTok. In comparison, that’s more than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. TikTok gained 300million users in 2020/2021 making it the highest surge in users, with a large amount of its U.S. audience joining amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


3.    Over 2 Billion Downloads Across Platforms

At one moment, TikTok picked up 500 million users in five months. TikTok app has been downloaded more than 2 billion times globally on the App Store and Google Play.

4.    Focused on Gen Z, but Not for Kids

Even though TikTok has a massive potential for attracting users across multiple continents and age groups, the current majority on the platform is still quite young. Compared to other popular social platforms, TikTok has the youngest user base.  

Almost 70% of TikTok users are ranging between 16 and 24 years old, which means only 30percent are 25+ years old.


5.    Simplified Content Creation

While you might feel overwhelmed when opening the app for the first time, TikTok has indeed simplified video creating and sharing.

Making it that anyone without prior knowledge in video editing can produce highly engaging content without using any additional app but solely using in app tools already offered by TikTok.

Anyone without prior knowledge in video editing can produce highly engaging content without using any additional app or program.

TikTok is the next big thing, and it already is very much so. Every number or fact you read from numerous predictions indicates that TikTok will not stop breaking records anytime soon.  

It’s never late to ride the wave and start growing at a rapid rate organically. No matter if you are a dancer, entrepreneur, lawyer, writer, or a doctor. If your desire is to establish your own personal brand and dominate your niche, TikTok is the most comfortable way to go.