Every year, more than 6 million visitors travel to the magical island to relax, eat out or enjoy one of the special beaches. It is sometimes said that a visit to Ibiza changes you forever. It is not for nothing that many people who have once visited Ibiza, return at least once to relive the unique feeling you experience here.

Ibiza has a very wide range of tourists. Jetsetters, families with children, party animals, peace seekers, eco-tourists, artists and sun seekers... many people are attracted to Ibiza. The island has a look that many other sun destinations are jealous of. Ibiza has actually become a brand that guarantees a certain way of life. The Ibiza feeling is a broad and flexible concept to which every tourist gives his own interpretation. And yet there remains that one common feeling: the feeling that Ibiza is something special. Something that is almost elusive and indefinable. Whether it's good marketing or a genuine feeling - everyone can fill that in for themselves.


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  • Spinnin' Records/Warner Music



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