Client: Samsung x Molecule

Black Friday in collaboration with @samsung. Bringing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip to @tiktok

Using TikTok native content and advertising to boost awareness and online traffic for the Samsung Galaxy Flip4 in The Netherlands.

Molecule collaborated with native TikTok creators and the talented people at Generous studio’s to make video’s where the TikTok creators interacted and danced with a CG version of the Samsung Galaxy Flip4 phone. All the while staying on brand for both the creators and the communication strategy for the Flip4. For the advertising part of this campaign, Molecule and KPN joined hands and exchanged key learnings for optimization.

At Molecule, we believe in creating content that is native to TikTok. This case study shows that organic and advertising effectiveness greatly increases if the content resonates with what the intended audience expects to see on the specific platform. This resulted in a much higher than average view through rates and an average watch time per person of almost 6 seconds. We generated millions of impressions while closely monitoring and controlling for the average views per person. This to prevent overexposure and advertising fatigue. In addition to reach, driving traffic to the KPN website was an important goal. We optimized for total visits, click through rate (CTR), and cost per click (CPC).

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