Client: Rolf Sanchez

Helene Koekoek, Marketing Manager at 8 Ball Music

We were one of the first labels to go all out with a single release on TikTok and didn't know what to expect. With a relatively small marketing budget, Molecule made a big impact on the release of Ven Ven and exceeded our expectations. Cool!

Rolf Sanchez performs with his own band The Latin Society and is an authentic music phenomenon that blows you away with his vocal abilities. His record label, 8 Ball Music, wanted to drive streams to his latest single, with the goal of encouraging the TikTok community to click through to Spotify and listen to the song, particularly in the first week of it being release.

To drive interest with the TikTok community, Molecule developed highly engaging user-generated content for the campaign and run In-Feed ads on the platform.

Running for almost 5 days, the In-Feed Ad yielded some very impressive results for the short duration it was live, exceeding our benchmarks on nearly every front. More than 4.8 million impressions were recorded, while the engagement rate settled at 9.7%, comfortably surpassing the platform benchmark. The single reached 14M+ streams on Spotify.


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