Client: Mason Garments

Pieter Lazeroms, Marketing Director at Mason Garments

TikTok provides the opportunity to extend the “imaginary dialogue” with existing, potential and new audiences of Mason Garments. This approach has resulted in a higher level of brand awareness across the international markets of interest!

Mason Garments , known worldwide for its innovative sneakers, wanted to promote their collections and brand on TikTok. It aimed to present a confident, adventurous brand image and drive awareness for millennials and Gen Z consumers and to reach new potential international audience that is currently more accessible through TikTok.

Together with the creative team, Molecule looked for an accessible approach in which we could advise on styling, but also promote new collections. An important part is highlighting questions and linking them back to the customer in video reactions.

During the 2021/2022 campaign period, the hashtag #masongarments realized 11.5M user-generated views on video. The promotion resonated with consumers and considerably boosted brand affinity as well as sales from the platform.


Views on #masongarments


Increase in TikTok followers


Engagement rate


Campaign period

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